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World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Our team designed dataform creation, security setup, rule writing, data mapping, migration, validation, parallel run and report writing and java customization.

An Insurance and Reinsurance Company based in Qatar, Subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum.

ImplementedOracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting system to improve and automate some of the planning and budgeting process based on Oracle’s “Hyperion Planning Budgeting with Workforce” Module. Integration of Oracle EBS with Hyperion Planning using ERP integrator.

Vietnam based a state-owned enterprise operating mainly in cement manufacturing and distribution with the general capacity of 20 million metric tons of cement per annum, taking 34% of the cement market share in Vietnam

This project was to implement a system, which will provide a single repository of information. Operational Expenditure, Capital Expenditure, Sales, Production Planning, Raw Material Planning and Workforce Management and integrated activities together with Financial Planning have been identified as a key enabler for making this happen.

World leading independent tester of electronic PCBs.

With their subsidiaries in 15 countries, they are world leaders in Testing.The project was to help consolidate the data from multiple subsidiaries (hence currencies) to the HQ. The project involved multiple dynamic calculations as well as thorough consolidation/elimination and process management.

Subsidiary of the largest steel manufacturer in world.

Implemented Production Planning, Raw Material Planning, Financial Planning and Marketing Planning. Full life cycle implementation was done using Oracle Hyperion Planning and created reports on Financial Reporting Studio. This is one of the Hyperion Planning implementation for a metals & mining company in Indonesia. Client needs an operational planning model in place to ensure optimization of production capacities with JIT inventory planning.

Leading refinery of Oman

This Refinery plays a crucial role in the economic development as the sole supplier of the vital fuel that powers the Country’s economy.Stractive implemented Oracle Hyperion Planning & Budgeting and Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio solutions to overcome the challenges faced by the management and finance team. Our unified single platform solution helped client to eliminate the tedious exercise of submission of budgets by more than 40 department and 80 sections, copy & paste of complex business rules and formulas from one spreadsheet to another to have single version of truth.

Abu Dhabi based largest government oil company

Company has several key entities under it, each one submitting budgets through excel sheets. In the first phase we rolled out a CAPEX budget calculation model on Oracle Hyperion Essbase, where the budgeting process was still manual and decentralized. Later on, we were working on implementing Oracle Hyperion Planning after which they started using a new CAPEX budgeting model based on Hyperion planning across their internal departments and business units. This will be a more streamlined and automated approach than the legacy Essbase based CAPEX model.

A government healthcare institution and biggest hospital in Singapore

Client needed to create dashboards for MIS and corporate analysis. The MIS application used Outlooksoft prior to moving to a model consisting Essbase engine as the data source and Oracle dashboards for reporting. The reporting solution is so designed that the reporting will be done on the latest data available in the databases, which is input from the RDBMS database as well as forecasting data for certain KPIs input using standard input schedules. The solution also takes care of the requirement to input text KPIs and display them on the Oracle BI dashboards.

Housing Development Board (HDB), Singapore

The government organization focuses on comprehensive housing, with commitment to provide affordable quality homes and vibrant communities within Singapore. They have a Hyperion Planning and budgeting implementation to Budget the group operations. Stractive Consulting is helping them manage the applications with an ongoing support and development activities.

Largest private banks in Singapore

Stractive implemented a Value Based Management ("VBM") and Customer Profitability solution, using Hyperion's Business Intelligence platform which was used as the single integrated platform for bank’s reporting requirement. VBM and the Customer Profitability solution helped bank to analyze and report various FTP, NPBT by country and sectors, total expenses, and Global Costs. Stractive was involved in designing a multidimensional database schema using Oracle Hyperion, based on user requirements. Several end user reports were also created by the Stractive team using the Hyperion Web Analysis application.

Kuwait based Shipping and Logistics Company.

Stractive met their requirement by implementing an Analytic Solution on top of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management by using Hyperion Essbase Extended Analytics and Essbase Integration Services. This integration makes sure that Agility can report on top of multidimensional data built form HFM’s relational sources. The Essbase cubes developed provides better data analysis through reports and dashboards and hence helps in effective decision making. Also there quarterly and monthly business reviews are now presented to the business users as dashboards for extensive reach and better analysis of financial data

One of the largest private banks in India

They had their existing Business Intelligence solution for risk reporting running on Oracle Hyperion. Although the system provided key reports required by the users, the legacy architecture could not keep pace with the size of data growth the Bank was facing while expanding its business. Stractive proposed a far advanced solution over the existing Hyperion application, to fine tune and provide performance enhancements, which helped reduce the banks monthly data warehouse build cycles from 5 days to almost 2 hours. Furthermore, by rebuilding the architecture, the storage requirements for the bank also reduced by almost 90%. Both engagements justified substantial ROI and cost savings to fund the implementations. Stractive is currently involved in a long term contract with the Bank to maintain and support new developments on their BI systems.

Hexaware Technology, India

Hexaware requirement wasto automate complete planning process through Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting solution, enabling Appraisal Planning and building What-if scenarios for the allocation of increments to different employees of all the departments. Stractive implemented a Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting solution which automated the manpower cost planning and budgeting process and limited the amount of human intervention and labor-intensive inefficiencies, increased the visibility of process flow by providing role-based access to information.

One of the Christian denominational church and international charitable organization structured in a quasi-military fashion based in Singapore


iBuy, Singapore

iBuy Group Limited is a leading e-Commerce business in the South East Asia and Hong Kong region, specializing in flash sales.iBuy group decided to implement Oracles Hyperion Financial Management tool to automate its financial consolidation process and there by overcoming with problems relating to financial data consolidation like: Delay and lack of audit trail, Difficult in control of COA, No control over standard rates, Long consolidation cycle.